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Tips for Unique Article Content

unique article content

unique article contentWe have all heard the cliche “Content is King” but in the age of content marketing unique content is king! Unique article content is the name of the game when it comes to internet marketing and search engine love. The SERPS and Google’s famous algorithm can spot duplicate content a mile away.

It’s still laughable to see people paying money for nifty spinning programs that mangle the English written language in hopes to automate blog posts. Content marketing is a long-term strategy not the “sugar high” spinner programs offer. If your serious about becoming an authority on a topic and building a loyal readership forget about spinners.

“Unique” is more than just a percentage
Unique article content is more than just a percentage score. Yes, this helps you double-check  your content for uniqueness and technical score with the search engines, but this should not be your focus to generating unique content. Look around and see what other people in your niche are writing about and more importantly in what format? Distributing blog articles, whitepapers, ebooks and directories are all forms of distribution for unique article content that will increase your brand awareness and make for long lasting and content.  Try to think of new ways to make your content stand out from the crowd!

Write human-optimized content
In many cases people just generate content that is unique but geared towards search engines instead of people. If your outsourcing article writing services make sure they are work their salt. Your material needs to be created with human readers in mind; write something educational, thought-provoking, or informative to ensure it reads well. Then put in your keyword(s) in a few strategic places. This is one of many tactics our team of bloggers employs for our blog writing services.  This way you can keep the search engines on your trail but still create interesting and unique article content for your readers.

Stick to a niche
Write articles about topics that you are familiar with rather than something that you don’t know much about. If you are writing from experience or possess a wealth of knowledge you will have a better chance of creating truly unique and interesting content than if you were having to do research and pull from various sources around the web. Believe it or not, using the web as a research tool can lead you to create less original content simply because what you have read leaves an impression on your mind that remains as you begin to write your own articles.

Keep things simple
When you are writing unique article content, you might think that the more you put into your article, the more unique it will be. While this is technically true, why create one giant article when you could take your idea and create a series of smaller articles? This takes your original idea and makes it even more compelling by transforming it into multiple pieces of content that will generate more link juice from the search engines and create long-tail content for your readership.

There are many elements to creating truly unique article content for your websites, blogs, and other marketing outlets and hopefully you will keep some of these suggestions in mind.

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