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AceProject created by Websystems Inc, from Quebec City, Canada has created a free and paid project management software to challenge the likes of Microsoft Project.

AceProject being completely web-based is the antithesis of licensed “install once” software for desktops like Microsoft Project and other competitors. AceProject has also introduced a mobile edition for teams that need an always-on, real-time product. Works in all browsers including troublesome IE.

The young company has taken customers requests and feedback seriously (a critical trait to posses for startups). The software is ideally suited for offices with multiple locations, telecommuters or businesses that are just looking to centralize shared data in the cloud. The company has deployed AceProject in over 70 countries.

AceProject goes beyond just project management software with trackability of project cost, expenses, timesheet, task management, documents and more. The main tab is the myoffice tab and allows employees to access tasks and projects and actually have effective trackable work groups. The time and expense tracking are valued added features over traditional project management software and are executed fairly well.

Bottom Line:
There are some alternative web-based options on the market like Gantter for Google Apps, Zoho Projects, Basecamp from 37 Signals and Huddle. However, most of the competition uses the “free” offering more like a limited trial where AceProject will give you a full taste of the features and scales with your needs. The user interface will feel less intuitive coming from Microsoft Project or drag and drop features like Huddle, so beware. Feature wise AceProject is a top of the line project management product with the exception of a few limitations in the free offering. You will be limited to 5 users and 50 tasks (But hey, they have to monetize at some point.)

To create a free account with all features enabled, go here: signup.aceproject.com

Looking for a test drive of the mobile version? Just add /m to the login page. Example: demo.aceproject.com/m/

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