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BizAg is a vertical search engine startup for businesses up for sale. There are numerous business sites on the web like bizbuysell and businessforsale that allows users to search for businesses based on category and location, but none have attacked the business model from a search engine stand point.

BizAg aggregates all the sale listings of businesses and startups across the web into a centralized place. The marketplace tab at StartupAddict.com is setup as a business exchange (buying and selling startups) but not as comprehensive of a search solution.

This could become a real lucrative solution for bloggers looking to cash-in on their blogs cash flow success. I have several friends that will undoubtedly be posting on BizAg before they get to the end of this post. I did a quick search on “social networks” and got some odd results in the 1 and 2 slot but the results were right on target from #3 on. I definitely give a full thumbs up to rather simple scraper-bot (web-crawler) and a simplistic interface that only users in a post Google world could enjoy. It does appear to only scrap the top 3 business sites on the web but, having the power to obtain instantaneous information on a business for sale is still worth its’ weight in gold.

If you are unfamiliar with vertical search check out John Battelle’sSearchblog

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