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CDN Reselling


CDN reselling is nothing new, but with costs plummeting for content delivery networks, these new valued added services are a real opportunity for startups to flourish in an already over saturated web hosting market.

FYI – CDN stands for Content Delivery Network

If you are an existing small business in web hosting or thinking about jumping into the CDN space, now may be the time to consider adding content delivery as a service.

Reasons why this is a ripe time to jump into the Content Delivery Market…

1. According to WHIR the $1.25 billion dollar CDN market represents a 22% increase over 2007 levels. Compared to a flat or level market in shared and dedicated web-hosting.

2. Amazon has rolled out Cloudfront which is a pay as you go CDN service that will incorporate easily into the other suite of Amazon web services.

3. Mosso is Rackspace’s answer to the CDN market.

Why do you care?

When you have double digit market growth and companies like Rackspace and Amazon jumping into a space that aggressively the R&D is done for your business model, just follow the leader. I have had a huge fascination with Content Delivery Networks since late 1999 and one company in particular called Akamai.

I had the privilege of touring their NOC (Network Operating Center) facility when I lived in Boston. I was running Scout’s new media division at the time and I created a unique partnership with Akamai that was bleeding edge (for the year 2000). we created all the content (the roadster) and Akamai provided the delivery network (the road). We sold both as a combined service to the enterprise market and did quite went despite dot boom.

The move to cloud is far surpassing the 2000 days and is going beyond just reselling services these days. Take a look at how it will shape our computing future and impact IT in the coming years.

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