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DEMO 2011 afternoon session

DEMO day 1 wrap up

DEMO day 1 wrap up
What an amazing Day 1 of DEMO 2011. Everyone just wrapped up. The Afternoon session consisted of eight companies presenting in the Cloud category.

ApSynth from ApSynth
A new kind of PaaS that lets you create, deploy and monetize web applications in a very simple way thanks to its’ App Editor.

Cloud9 IDE from Ajax
empowers web developers to lead the revolution of web technologies like HTML5 & JavaScript. The first-eve cloud-based IDE (integrated development environment) for JavaScript developers supporting HTML5, Python, Ruby & PHP.

Defensio for Facebook

Security for the social Web. Prevents Facebook page owners from attackers posting unwanted content. Protects brand reputation, image, customers & prospects from being infected on Facebook.

EPflow from EyePredict
Using a neuroscience-based software technology that predicts visual attention, EPflow-an automated optimization service that can double the revenue from catalog displays. EPflow automaticlly rearranges catalog displays such that high value items are more likely to get selected. EyePredict customers & partners are companies that sell or facilitate the selling of consumer goods.

Kuggaa from Kuggaa
Kuggaa’s cloud based service allows its subscribers the ability to create, edit and enjoy their favorite mobile content supported across different device form factors anytime, anywhere. Kuggaa offers manufacturers a complete ecosystem, which offers a diverse service.

Nimble from Nimble
Centralizing all of the disparate contacts across multiple networks ie) Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter into a single easy to use piece of CRM software. The world’s first social relationship manager.

Stratosphere from V3
A virtualized machine runs faster than local a machine. V3’s hardware is smoking fast and cloud based. Access it anywhere you go on multiple devices faster than your local machine.

VECTOR from HBMG, Inc.

Slash you IT costs by 80% and go green. VECTOR provides rapid IT infrastructure deployment. It leverages advance hardware & software, virtualization, cloud computing, management & service to provide a turnkey platform. It greatly lowers the total cost of ownership providing exceptional reliability availability, serviceability, disaster recovery and business continuity characteristics.

Lot’s more to come tomorrow for day#2 of DEMO 2011.

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