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Demo 2011 – Social Media Technologies Day#2

DEMO 2011 - day 2

DEMO 2011 - day 2

Spring Demo 2011 Day#2 got underway this morning with the following companies presenting in the social media technology category.

elive at demoeLive the first company lets everyone talk with friends while watching video. From your browser you can record your voice while adding links, pictures, or videos from external sources. Friends can join you for for a multi-cast and viewers can tune in live and/or revisit your creation as a video. Think of mocking up Youtube with your

FetchFans.com from Fetch Plus Asia Pacific, Pte. Ltd.
FetchFans, a media design application, computer generates highly interactive custom branded Facebook pages, Twitter and blog backgrounds for companies with multiple holdings to effectively and efficiently brand advertise through the social networks.

GutCheck from GutCheck
Is an innovative DIY web application for conducting qualitative research, which enables one on one chat interviews with target market consumers, at 10% of th cost of other traditional methods. In minutes you can be connected w/ a specific demographic targeted consumer. As cheap as $40 bucks
HeyStaks from HeyStaks

Ecobe.com from ecobe (Alpha pitch)
This is a BRAVE & BOLD startup in the search engine space. Ecobe proposes to give back 75% of its’ search engine’s advertising profit to content providers. Basically the company charges a 25% commission for allowing content creators to leverage a search engine’s profits to monetize their content. Currently focused on the Korean market space. 250K in funding to date this is building proof of concept. This will be interesting to watch

Marginize from Marginize
This is a pretty sweet product. Marginize adds a social layer to the entire web. Use Marginize as you browse to discover what other have said about any webpage you are seeing and join the conversation. Seed provided from TechStars. Atlas Venture, Longworth Venture Partners, and other top VC & Angel Investors.

Next Island virtual world from Next Island
This was Linden Lab’s second life all over again with better graphics enjoy and an eye toward monetizing virtual wares. It boasts a real cash economy & time travel. Players can explore, go on adventures, hunt, craft, socialize w/ friends, have professions that can yield them real cash & time travel to place like Ancient Greece.

OneGoodlove.com from Ongoodlove.com
The eharmony for gay / lesbian community. Done with easier to use UI and matching technology.

Pixable Photofeed (on iPad) from Pixable.
A better way to browse through photos on Facebook. A free app for iPad it provides personalized streams of photos, like “top photos of the day” and displays them in full size format. Pixable’s wonderRank technology analyzes dozens of variables associate with a Facebook account to intelligently rank and discover photos.

Speaku from Speaku (Alpha Pitch)
a real-time topic-based information network. The application enables contributors to be discovered, tracked and interacted with in real-time.

SocialReplay from Silentale
Helps businesses invest in social media extract key strategic information through qualitative data & analytics of their facebook page and twitter accounts.

Thoora for Tablets from Thoora
This app would be a pleasure to use on a table. It quickly curates and shares beautiful, naturally search-friendly, self updating content for tablet devices. Finds the best topical content from millions of social and traditional media sources. Thoora put the user in control, with tools to refine, re-order, re-rank & prioritize the content.

TrendSpottr from Trendspottr
a search and curation service for twitter and facebook. TrenSpottr takes real-time data streams filters, aggregates and publishes the top trending headlines, videos, images, phrases, hashtags and places for any search term or topic of interest. The goal is to cut through the clutter.

Viafoura from Viafoura
drives continual dialogue among online consumers through a patent pending system that utilizes split screen video debate, text and gaming reward system. Targets user commenting like Disqus & Pluck.

The Geco from The Geco (Alpha Pitch)
embedded utility that helps increase revenue for of online retailers.

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