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Does your Startup need Video?


For all you entrepreneurs looking to incorporate video in your websites or blogs, a new CDN (content distribution network) known as Magnify might be the answer. Magnify enables the following:

• Enterprise strength video discovery
• Full suite of social media tools
• Automated video relevance
• Advertiser safe curation
• Free upload, hosting, and page layout

The social media features for building a community around your video is a powerful feature for this self-service CDN. In addition, Magnify allows you to monetize your hard work and community of users with integrated advertising. The program is called adshare and Magnify’s website states the following:

With AdShare, you simply put your own ad network tags into the Magnify.net pages, and you’ll get 50% of the ad impressions delivered directly to your ad network. No new accounts to set up, no waiting for a “rev share” check.

Magnify is aimed at web publishers and video bloggers and delivers relevant content to your audience on the cheap. Mashable stated the following:

Magnify is really targeting small- to medium-sized businesses with the new CDN offering, giving a self-service option where brands can push their own content. As this could very well be marketing video material, it offers a central place to upload videos with more control options for advertising and delivery.

Magnify has a solid business model in a high growth video market.

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