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Facebook revenue to reach 1 billion.


facebook revenue
Facebook revenue to reach 1 billion dollars by the end of 2010 according to an interview with insidefacebook.com. Currently Facebook revenue is around $600 million, but Mark Zuckerberg predicts the company to break the one billion revenue barrier by the end of 2010. Given Facebook’s growth over the last few years and the 500 million active users, this seems like a real possibility. The company continues to make acquisitions and utilizes an army of 1400 employees to monetize the user base on a daily basis.

As Facebook becomes more of social platform to the web at large more ancillary revenue streams will develop like game revenue and even profit sharing models made famous by Google adsense. The company continues to reinvest profit into the platform and focuses on user needs.

Facebook beefed up it’s tool bag by acquiring several startups over the past few years. ShareGrove, Divvyshot and Octazen Solutions were all acquisitions acquired in the first part of 2010 alone.

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