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Google starting it’s own Groupon

Google Offers

Google Offers

Google will start it’s own daily deal site similar to Groupon on the heels of the $6 billion dollar acquisition rejection. Reports are coming in that Google’s daily deal site will be called “Google offers”. It’s a play that makes a lot of sense for Google but will they be able to execute the business model? Many sources clearly have doubt Google will be able to execute. However, Google does already have an enormous audience already built in with established verticals directly to small businesses (that in itself is more than half the battle).

This daily deals space has become red hot with hundreds of clones of the leading sites LivingSocial and Groupon. It will be interesting to see what size piece of pie Google will take from the daily deals category. Do you think Google can automate the space like it did with adsense and traditional advertising? Let me know your thoughts?


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