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Google strips PayperPost Bloggers Pagerank


Google has crushed PayperPost Bloggers by taking pagerank away according to a recent TechCrunch article. I posted about Ted Murphy’s PayperPost earlier this year (now under the IZEA umbrella). Clearly, he has a right to be upset, the posts have been a great new revenue stream for entrepreneurs and bloggers trying to make a buck. The blogging posts are clearly indicated as “sponsored” and should be taken as advertorial content only.

This is a new and continued pattern that Google is showcasing in link rehabilitation in the company’s pagerank forumula. First it was the text link sales and crossing linking that made certain bloggers lose 2 – 3 levels of page rank, now Payperpost is following under the mighty hand as well. If links are procreated through monetary means, Google is watching that much is clear.


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