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Kabbage funding for online merchants


kabbageLooking for money to buy inventory, supplies, or other stuff? Enter Kabbage, a simple way for startups and online merchants to obtain funding to grow their businesses.  Kabbage offers easy and flexible money advances for companies in need of a bit more operating capital and likely don’t depend on credit cards.  You are only charged an advance fee for the cash you have taken. There is no penalty for early payment and no other hidden charges.

Funds can be deposited directly into your PayPal account instantly or your traditional bank account in 3-5 business days. The target businesses for Kabbage are online sellers and merchants including walled garden types like Etsy and Ebay sellers.

So can entrepreneur’s trust Kabbage will be around for a while? The company just landed $30 million in a series C round of funding from VC heavyweights bringing the total raised to $56 Million.  I’m a big fan of Kabbage and will be adding them to our funding resource section for the Startup Addict community.



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