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LawPivot-Crowdsourcing legal advice

lawpivot crowdsourcing

lawpivot crowdsourcing
We all deal with our fair share of legal bills. However, finding quality legal advice that is appropriately priced is a constant battle. Enter LawPivot a startup that is using crowdsourcing to put the right legal advice in your hands that’s actually valuable. LawPivot armed with new funding offers three important features.

1.Send your confidential legal question on LawPivot.
2..LawPivot identifies the right lawyers for your question.
3..Receive multiple answers from lawyers, saving money and time.

You can ask questions in various areas of legal concern for your company, ranging from contracts, stock issues, employment and labor matters, technology licensing, patents, trademarks, copyrights, real estate, to immigration, and many other specialized areas of law.

The company is currently offering a free trial to California companies and free for California Lawyers. LawPivot is expanding to other states and recommends the invite feature on its’ website.

The company has a recommendation feature that is formatted in Q&A style (think Quora). LawPivot adds value by allowing startups and small businesses to submit their questions to lawyers that best fit their needs. There is a great ten question interview regarding the founders of LawPivot and Guy Kawasaki.

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