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I’m back from Costa Rica, rested and ready to take on 2008. Among the several books I read, “My Startup Life” by Ben Casnocha is worthy of mention because of the extraordinary similarities to the Startup Addict mantra and message “Dream Big. Be Great”. One would think the reason the book stood out was the fact that Ben was only 14 years old when he founded Comcate, his successful startup.

Yet, the real reason the book is a winner is the message it sends to entrepreneurs around the globe. The book is a testament that entrepreneurship has no age, and that all Startup Addict’s possess an innate drive and dedicated vision to achieve their dream. Like this blog and Startupaddict.com this book should be used as a tool to better yourself, hone your skills and progress your abilities forward. There is absolutely no substitute for persistence, and in my opinion is probably the number one ingredient for entrepreneurial success. Similar to the Henry David Thoreau quote:

“you will never live the life you imagined unless you walk confidently in the direction of your dreams.”

We all get bruises along the way, it’s the entrepreneurs that keep getting up that win.

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