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PayPerPost combats Google with Real Rank


PayperPost fights Google’s Page Rank with a new Real Rank system, that has received mixed reviews. I originally posted about Google’s link adjustment onslaught a half a month ago. The Real Rank system works a 10 base numerical ranking system 1 – 9. An advertiser selects a number such as 6 which effectively excludes 60% of bloggers from the opportunity leaving the top 40% of “Real Rank” bloggers the opportunity. WebDosh is a fan of the Real Rank and can get more info there. ComtechNews on the other hand feels Payperpost has taken a hasty turn with the new Real Rank, (at least in its’ existing form). Be sure to check out his top four reasons why and the consultation to Payperpost on how to fix Real Rank.

As for me, I have always been a fan of PayperPost and will continue to applaud Ted Murphy for being an successful entrepreneur that fits well with the Startup Addict motto “Dream Big, Be Great”. Don’t forget PPP received 7 million in VC recently before the IZEA umbrella rebrand and the company wasn’t going to lay down for anybody, including Google.

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