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Pixable lands $3.6 million



Pixable, a startup we reported on at Spring DEMO last month landed $3.6 million in series B funding led by Menlo Ventures. Pixable is a better way to browse through photos on Facebook. As a Facebook app and a free app for iPad it provides personalized streams of photos, like “top photos of the day” and displays them in full size format. Pixable’s wonderRank technology analyzes dozens of variables associated with your Facebook account to intelligently rank and discover photos.

In Pixable’s words:

Get in, get out, and get on with your life. Swipe through the top photos of the day and receive notifications when your closest Facebook friends are tagged or upload photos

Pixable has also jumped in the video feed space. Pixable videos automatically transforms your favorite moments, photos and combine your favorite music into slick videos. The company is also working on categorizing and ranking videos your friends are watching and sharing on Facebook and Twitter. According to TC Pixable’s Photofeed has sorted and ranked over 10 billion photos for its 500,000 users.

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