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Putting Doba to the test Part II



About mid-week I received a phone call from a Doba representative. He was certainly a nice enough gentleman the appropriate balance of sales and telemarketing. Being the qualified “warm” lead that I am, you could tell he was reading the Doba sales script and inserting my first name every other 100 words to sound congenial and personal. All in all he did a good job. Doba was offering a 50% Doba special if I prepaid all at once. After his speech he clearly spelled out the savings over the normal $59.95 a month ($700 annual) he was offering. The total was $299.00 for the next 12 months. I would have hung the phone up at this point (because if Doba profit margin’s are so good, why do they need an annual prepayment, but that would be much of a case study for all you entrepreneurs would it? I said sure, let’s give it a go in the name of lifting the veil on Doba.

Shortly after this I took my research I conducted from (Doba part I). I used the fancy push to marketplace button and had 3 products on ebay in less than 10 minutes. A bar stool, piece of jewelry and a men’s watch. Fast forward 3 – 5 days (length of auctions) and Nada. I was out the ebay fees. So now my total investment is about 10 days being involved with Doba and about $303 dollars of total cash outlay.

I have noticed the supposed “wholesale” price of Doba products plus a 2.50 dropship fee plus and abnormally high shipping rate is starting to be the culprit for no sales in the Ebay marketplace. I also notice a plethora of no-name brands pushing product through Doba. I’m not losing hope yet though….Ebay is known for price-slashing shoppers and people looking for 25 -50% off retail (the same margin as the price for Doba’s products). Before I throw Doba under the bus I will forge ahead with other sales outlets on the Internet.

Stayed tuned for Part III of Doba case study as I ramp up the sales efforts.

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