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Social Profiling via MOLI


We all have social identities such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Myspace and other social profiles. We’ve also have discussed how new startups are becoming aggregators of your various profiles and organizing multiple identities into a more cohesive whole that updates across all social networks. So the question begs what if you would like to show one social profile more than another depending on who is looking at it? Ah — enter MOLI

MOLI trademarked “control your privacy” and is focusing on user profile privacy. An individual or a business can register and choose which profile information is displayed to a visitor or viewer. For instance an individual could display hobbies and interests to a set of friends, but keep that hidden from a job recruiter. Businesses can market itself and promote services based on viewership.

All in all MOLI is pretty slick with a netvibes type interface with plenty to do and an Apple aqua finish. It is definitely a nice startup, but it should be….according to PaidContent MOLI is backed by Mainstream Holdings, and has the likes of former ETrade CEO Christos Cotsakos, Home Depot founders, and Vantis Capital behind it to the tune of $29.6 million. Target Advertising seems to be the only revenue currently but I smell transactional and ancillary service fees very soon.

As I stated before social aggregation and open source are shaping up to be the two biggest trends in 2008 (and it’s early). Now all we need is a startup to merge social aggregation (SocialThing) and the privacy and profile control of MOLI.

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