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Startup Addict is back!


There is being sorry for a delayed post and then there is being SORRY for posting two years later. As my hardcore fan base knows the downfall of being a Startup Addict is always having too many balls in the air.

The bad news is that affected my writing commitment as you noticed. However, the good news is after launching four more businesses and two more children (literally tiny humans) in a two year time frame I’m back. The musings of acquisition, operational delight and disposition of businesses & real estate for the average Joe continues.

The discussion finally continues to not settle for the status quo but rather transcend the mindset of  “trading hours for dollars”. We instead will focus on leveraging a passive income source for ourselves as soon as possible. Can’t wait to share the good, bad and ugly of two new business verticals including restaurants and manufacturing. Looking forward to your comments as always.



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