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And we are live!


Startup Addict has finally launched! The startup social network was intended for a memorial day launch and ended up being closer to labor day. Fast, Cheap and Quality….you only get 2 of the 3 when you bootstrap and I clearly didn’t get the fast (although cheap may be debatable at this point as well).

Anyway, very few bugs remain in version 1.0. I have about 16 bugs on my “to fix” list including the long awaited videoplayer on the homepage that will showcase both aspiring and successful entrepreneurs who are utilizing SA.

For those of you who forgot what SA actually is, no hard feelings since it has literally been a month since my last posting. The following clip will hopefully refresh your memory.

The programmers were clearly overwhelmed with SA (hence the delay) but at the end of the day I think we nailed the essence of it. Version 1 is the meat and potatoes and Version 2 will be the dazzling polish and web 2.0 fun we have all come to love.

I will only have a few more postings before I migrate this blog to blog.startupaddict.com.

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