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Day 1 at DrupalCon 2008 Boston


Drupalcon2008 Boston

Drupalcon 2008 got underway today and a great day it was. Dries Buytaert the original founder of Drupal kicked off the event with a Keynote about the release of Drupal 6 (only a month ago) and a discussion on where Drupal 7 is heading. Like any conference my head is still spinning from information overload as the next generation of the various Drupal components are discussed.

As Day 2 looms, my decision to delay the launch of StartupAddict.com by 5 months in order to migrate the code to Drupal 5 is a better decision than I even imagined. SA 2.0 is officially ready as of yesterday, but will not likely go live until next week when the dust settles from the conference and the servers are provisioned correctly. Future updates and features should be very rapid for StartupAddict and I look forward to everyone’s feedback. More importantly what you think really works and what you would rather see eliminated.

I have to run to a networking event…but more to come and plenty of “semantic web” fodder from this conference that will fill at least a month worth of posts and discussion.

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