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StartupAddict.com is finally LIVE!

Startup Addict
Startup Addict

Version 2.0 of StartupAddict is finally up and running. I want to thank everyone who waited patiently as SA was converted from a custom php/mysql application to Drupal 5.x. To see why I chose Drupal for the Startupaddict platform check this earlier post. StartupAddict is community driven and only as good as its’ users, so please signup and provide feedback of where you would like to see SA go in future versions. SA’s user interface should get more aesthetically pleasing over the coming weeks now that we are rocking and rolling.

I have ambitious plans for the funding tab and plan to offer micro-payments and peer2peer lending components for investors and entrepreneurs. In addition early fall we plan on migrating to Drupal 6 and implementing OpenID to simplify signing in to SA and “going open” for third party social network integration.


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