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The Eve of Startup Addict launch is upon us.

You are probably expecting me to say something trite like “I can’t believe we are ready to launch”. The truth be known I wish I had another week minimum. It’s called Beta for a reason so I guess it is time to release Startup Addict to the world. Please enjoy the networking and resources you will find and most importantly don’t be bashful on reporting bugs or telling me features that would make the site even more smokin. If the servers are provisioned correctly we should be a go by midnight tomorrow. My programmers continue to give me death stares every blog post I unleash about how ready we are. In my eyes it’s not quite there, but as one of the panelist at Startup School mentioned, “If your not embarrassed of your version 1.0 launch you waited to long to bring it to market”. My vision for the site beyond beta will be strictly driven by you the users.

On another note I added two more blogs to my favorite links and resource section Venture Hacks and StartupCompanyLawyer. Both blogs possess a wealth of information for the advice-thirsty entrepreneur. Great resources.

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