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The web entrepreneur community is underway. We are gearing up for a big marketing push, even though we are currently live in public beta now. To take advantage of the web entrepreneur community known as Startup Addict, be sure to do the following:

Sign up and create a profile among 5 different user classes:

1. Entrepreneur
2. Investor
3. Advisor
4. Service Provider
5. Job Seeker

Then tell the web entrepreneur community a bit about yourself and ambitions. From there click on Startup Central and search other users and startups that have joined the community. In addition you can also hit the browse key below the profile button in the header and search for users that way.

One of the more important aspects of Startup Addict and to take full advantage of the web entrepreneur community is too adjust your privacy settings to be public. Be sure to leave users comments on their whiteboards and give generous mojo where applicable.

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