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ODesk rocks the house


For all you entrepreneurs out there that have been through the various freelance and outsourcing sites with little to no luck, ODesk will be a breath of fresh air. StartupAddict.com version 1.0 (which is live now) took 3 months longer than scheduled and was riddled with bugs and bad programming code. I hired programmers from Getacoder.com and they were marginal at best. I experienced all the classic problems and cardinal sins of an outsourced, custom programming job.

    The programmers over-promised and under-delivered on both features and schedule
    The tracking of the project was a nightmare. I never truly felt their commitment to the project
    The hiring process was difficult and the rating/feedback systems in place was flawed

Enter Odesk–Launched at Web2.0 Summit in 2006 with two fundamental goals in the business model.

(1) Manage remote work as if it were local on an hour by hour basis
(2) Hire freelancers from a pool of global talent that has been pre-screened and qualified by Odesk first.

The proof is certainly in the pudding, as you read this post, StartupAddict version 2.0 is being converted to the Drupal platform with all the customized features and functionality version 1.0 attempted. My team only has 2 weeks left before the entire SA site will be converted, updated, debugged and functioning. My favorite feature is the recording of screen shots of the programmers computer in 15 minute intervals. In addition, I have 24 access to the programmers via skype, IM, etc. A great deal of my time is spent managing real estate projects in New England and I can Yahoo IM my programmers half-way around the world from my crackberry. – Gotta love it, and kudos to Odesk!

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