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Twitter proves micro-blogging is here to stay.

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Twitteris a micro-blogging service that allows users to send “updates” via SMS on a mobile device of their status to the Twitter website. Widgets can be placed on other blogs and websites to state what a user’s status is at any given moment. If you’re not familiar with the buzz swirling around twitter over the past couple of months you certainly will when an acquisition takes place.

Twitter is an interesting animal to watch to see whether social networks and other similar sites will continue to develop their own micro-blogging functionality or if one will finally pull the trigger and acquire twitter. Facebook has certainly opted for to develop it’s own Twitter functions to work seamless with their social network. Clearly a smart move at the end of the day when you compare the costs of overhauling some internal code as opposed to acquiring a a red hot Web 2.0 company at premium retail. Twitter was founded by startup company Obvious Corp.

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