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Internet Entrepreneur legend Marc Andressen and business associate Ben Horowitz have created a $300 million venture capital fund called Andreessen Horowitz. Investments in startups will range from as small as $50,000 to $50 million dollars. The strategy is too get as many game changing companies with seed money as possible probably in the 15 – 20 company range. The unique trait about Andreesen Horowitz team is their impressive track record for creating innovative companies that have scaled tremendously well. This will certainly help in looking for the next facebook, but Andreessen requires three main traits in a startup:

1. Fundamental change in technology
(think what Google did to Yahoo & Search)

2. The right founder or founding team
(especially if founder is technical or a programmer)

3. Market size
(This is where the technology change needs to scale…think twitter)

This is one fund to watch for sure and all you startups looking for seed through stage C funding, get Marc’s attention, having a startup addict like Andreesen behind the venture Capital wheel is ingredients for success.

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