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The Funded. VCs feel Entrepreneurs pain.

The Funded Term Sheet
The Funded Term Sheet

I came across my new favorite VC site “The Funded” this morning and was dying to blog about it. The site allows entrepreneurs to rate and review their experiences with Venture Capital firms and individual VCs. Some of the comments are down right appalling while some are laugh-out-loud funny. Either way a simple yet compelling site for both parties to frequent whether friend or foe.

Michael Arrington from TechCrunch makes a good point stating the vast majority of startups are rejected from VC, therefore a tendency for more negative feedback to prevail persists rather than positive. On the other hand it also shows the true underbelly of a closed door community. The Funded has decent coverage on the national VC firms and funds they manage. Beside adding famous insight it allows a startup to gauge the temperament of different VC firms based on the originating startup concept or idea. This is one going in my blogroll for sure.

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