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Y combinator get 8.25M for startups



Ycombinator continues to be a boon for startups and seed capital in general according to a recent blog post indicating that Y combinator landed another $8.25 million dollars to assist startups. The usual suspects were in this round as well with Sequoia Capital leading the charge and a few prominent angels from past ventures including the following:

    • *

Ron Conway

    , (also invested in Tweetdeck, Yammer, Buzzfeed)

*Aydin Senkut (ex-google, also invested in venturebeat ),

* Paul Buchheit ( also invested in friendfeed, Xobni, remail)

* XG Ventures (also invested in Scoopler and posterous)

* Geoff Ralston (also invested in mint.com and imeem)

The fund is reportedly 4x larger than the initial one mainly because Ycombinator is looking to increase the number of startups to fund. The increase is 35 startups in the funding cycle up from 27 in the preceding year.

The exciting statistic from the blog post was the following:

“Already 20 of them (74%) are either profitable or have commitments for further funding.”With the summer group, Y Combinator has now funded 207 startups, including Airbnb, Bump, Cloudkick, Clustrix, DailyBooth, Disqus, Dropbox, Heroku, Heyzap, Justin.tv, Loopt, Posterous, RethinkDB, Reddit, Scribd, Songkick, Weebly, Wepay, Wufoo, and Xobni.

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