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A Project Management Resource


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Let’s face it Project Management is not a sexy topic for most entrepreneurs when developing our respective projects and start-ups. Don’t despair there is a worthy resource for project management articles and all things PM.

The project-management.com site does a good job of providing laser focus on the topic even though many of the articles are sponsor-based or paid reviews.

Every site needs to monetize and this doesn’t change the fact that the project management information provided is damn useful.  There is a good balance of software reviews, editorial content and user relevant advertising (advertising and audience will actually care about).

One company on the site was actually reviewed here on Startup Addict last year Ace Project.  The Project Management site gives one of the better descriptions I’ve seen when thinking about the logic and skills behind PM.

When talking about project management, it is important to understand that a “project” isn’t a part of normal business operations. It has a temporary time frame and a specific goal. That’s why it is important to plan it properly and allocate the right resources early on. Any mistake in the planning process can result to delays or the non-completion of the project

I came across a few compelling editorial articles like “Project Management in the 21st Century” effectively discussing the power of the Cloud for version control, data security and better collaboration from disparate locations. Also,  “5 ways to visually manage your next project” which discusses concepts like WBS or Work Breakdown Structure enabling a tree representation to define scope, costs and schedules in a project.  Other visual queues are the more familiar Gantt chart but also the less known structure chart. Last and my personal favorite is mind mapping  for project management a concept we discuss often on this blog.

So if project management is your “thing” the site is definitely worth a read.

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