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Lively by Google


Lively by Google is a new asocial network that is set in the 3D virtual world, very similiar to second life. The power of lively is that it ties into your Google account. My interest in Lively is how it came in to existence and where it is going from a monetization standpoint. The original concept for lively was created during Google’s famous “20% time”. According o Mashables:

Lively came about during Google’s famous “20 percent time,” where engineers devote 1/5th of their time to their own ideas and projects. But, it’s safe to say that this project may turn into much more. Tying an avatar to your Google account that can be used anywhere there is a Lively room is a unique idea that takes advantage of Google’s huge user base

The 3D social network will tie into the data portability concept like, Open social, Friend Connect, Myspace and Facebook data all being a part of the 3D world. The monetization potential for Google to have premium rooms, sponsored clothing & accessories for avatars will be outstanding. Imagine logging into lively with highend sponsored Nike Gear on and every user who clicks on you to interact you receive Adsense. I quickly created an avatar in about 5 minutes and joined a room called coffeeHouse while experimenting with Lively, I’m the good look’in guy in the blue in the front.


You can also create your own room rather quickly by using my new favorite program I use reguarl for real estate development called Sketchup. Below is an embedded iframe for the “coffee house” room. This very easily good have been a “business center” room I created for liked minded entrepreneurs that read Startup Addict Musings.

Lively is further evidence social networks are migrating to the 3D space. It is the next evolutionary step from the current “profile” model in today’s social networks. I can only imagine what revenue streams will come from this and what Google’s built in userbase will do to Second Life.

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