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Google’s Mobile OS and continued spectrum pursuit.


The Gphone (Google hates the name) hasn’t arrived yet, but Android powered phones are rumored to arrive sometime in the 2nd half of 2008. I don’t want to beat a dead horse but Android is a free linux based mobile software software and the codename for the Open Handset Alliance consisting of over 30 software and hardware manufacturers

A very recent and surprising addition to the Open Handset Alliance was Verizon. This rounds out the (OHA) heavy weights to Sprint, Tmobile and Verizon leaving AT&T and the touted iPhone along with windows mobile and blackberry OS outside Android. Will we every see a Gphone? According to a recent article in PCWorld CEO Eric Schmidt of Google states:

“We’ll likely see many Google phones from a variety of wireless carriers. He also says that once software developers create a mature Android OS, it would be prime time for Google to release their phone”

I love the idea of opening up a very closed and proprietary wireless market but like many of the disrupting services that Google offers, what happens when the phone does arrive? Where does that leave the rest of the alliance? Consumers will be very comfortable to the new mobile OS and loyalty will only go to the most flexible provider.

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