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Social Graph API released by Google


Yesterday Google released a new API for the “social graph”. You can check out our previous discussions on the social graph here. Google’s announcement of the social graph API plays well with the 2008 theme of aggregation and organization of social media for users. The API will allow users to find and track data on their social connections across the Internet.
Tim O’reilly stated the social graph API is a major step in what he is calling “the Internet Operating System.”

Why do we care you ask? As entrepreneurs, we create startups that consist of, social networks, social media, widgets, rss feeds, aggregators, mashups etc…the Social Graph API will reduce the burden on users recreating and entering personal data in a world of hundreds of social networks.

The backend of social networks will have the ability to query data across the web pertaining to yourself and friends and populate the relationship of that data. The user will then be able to tweak the results for accuracy. Thus, enabling the spider and crawlers to do a better job populating your information in the future.

The privacy concerns will continue to be a red flag as the social graph matures, but ultimately will be easier to control in the end. More on this in later posts..

Google is on the forefront along with other big companies and a handful of startups to create a more standardized semantic web. Dataportability will actually become real with friendly API’s that allow users to both push and pull information for various social media sources along with friendly user standards like OpenID. This will allow the DataPortability group to fulfill its’ mission of:

To put all existing technologies and initiatives in context to create a reference design for end-to-end Data Portability. To promote that design to the developer, vendor and end-user community.

The earlier these standards are adopted the better the chances a startup will have in the social media space.

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