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Is Google buying Plaxo for $200M

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Google is rumored to be buying Plaxo for $200 million. According to ValleyWag the move may be out of complete friendship between Brad Fitzpatrick at Google and Joseph Smarr, Plaxo’s chief platform architect. Whatever the reason this acquistion does fit in with Google’s OpenSocial plans dispite a heavy price. I might just be frugal but wouldn’t 50M have covered it?

This is interesting news seeing how previous reports stated Facebook was acquiring Plaxo (in the $100 million range…explains the 200M purchase) from VentureBeat and TechCrunch

For those of you out of the loop on Plaxo, the site is allows users to sync contacts through its web site, to create an aggregated universal address book. Contacts and profile information from Yahoo, Google, LinkedIn etc… in one manageable interface.

When a property is hot, it’s hot. Google’s on a social graph mission and Plaxo is a natural stepping stone for the company’s completion of the death star. I guess Facebook was still working out the kinks on Beacon.

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