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Automated Social Networking for Bloggers


Scoutle a new dutch startup launched earlier this month with an interesting take on how to make automated social networking connections for websites and bloggers. In their words:

Your Scout is your personal webcrawler. He will walk over the Internet and will meet other Scouts. To help your Scout walk, give him some space so install the small Stage on your website. This will not only activate your Scout, but will also bring other Scouts to your website.

What I dig about Scoutle is it takes the concept of data portability or openness of social network data a step further —automating it! I have signed up for and account and will report on my findings. On the surface it sounds amazing to have like minded people know all about me and I know all about them. People I would never have ordinarily met….sounds like real social networking. Now if I could only automate myself to work a room at functions and events.

For more info on how it works check out Scoutle’s video

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