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opensocial getting Myspace onboard


Opensocial has been getting big traffic since Google’s announcement into the social arena. Myspace along with numerous other social heavy weights have thrown their hat into the ring. I scan a number of blogs on a daily basis and I truly wish I could remember where I saw a graph of Orkut and Myspace teamed up (in terms of traffic) compared to Facebook. I’m sure a blog in my blogroll lineup is the culprit but I cannot think whom? Anyway, it portrayed a crushing blow to the 40 million users of Facebook. I employ you to take a look at how truly amazing opensocial will be for both Google and social networks. Take a look a the campfire 1 discussion below Google orchestrated regarding Hi5, Flixter, Slide and other case studies. It is as beneficial for the social networks as it is the widget makers. This will create such a drastic change in privacy settings and advertising that no one has even had time to think about it yet.

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