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DrupalCon 2008 – Day 2


Day two of Drupalcon was just as amazing as Day one. It’s astounding to see the diversity of Industries and number of people that comprise the Drupal ecosystem. The only thing more impressive than the diversity is the rapid rate at which the Drupal community is growing and the pure dedication everyone offers to better the overall community. Some of my favorite seminars involved case studies of enterprise-level Drupal deployments, companies like Lifetime Network and FastCompany have poured tremendous resources into Drupal based sites that are rendering heavy traffic. Hopefully StartupAddict will become a case study of how to go from bootstrap to enterprise-level Drupal in less than 2 years –time will tell.

Later in the evening we all gathered at an industry networking event at Felt in Boston which was sponsored by Acquia Dries’s new company that will service the Drupal community as it grows. The concept is similar to what Red Hat does for Linux and what Sun does for Mysql (you can read my earlier post on Acquia here). I met some interesting Drupalers including Benjamin from Agaric Design who is a wealth of knowledge on Drupal and often shares his “blood and tears” tips from the trenches on his website. I used a few of his tips to trouble-shoot a module on StartupAddict several months ago.

The development of StartupAddict has forced me to learn more about Drupal than I probably ever cared too….but now I’m hooked (no pun intended). The only disappointment from this year’s DrupalCon was that I had to leave early.

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